Nov 1

Sweet CXAlberta t-shirts!

Check out these sweet CXAlberta t-shirts! With a minimum $25 donation to the fund, one of these can be yours!!

Donations can be made via paypal, here.

CXAlberta Scholarship Application

Are you a Junior or U23 cyclocross racer? Are you wanting to go to some bigger UCI races? The National Championships? The World Championships? To spend Christmas in Belgium? If you are, then you should probably fill out this application and send it on over to by December 15, 2013.



Cyclocross Category:

When did you start racing cyclocross?
Why do you race cyclocross?
What do you hope to achieve in cyclocross?

Racing highlights from last season:

What events are you doing this year that you need assistance for?


Why are these events important to you?

How would a CXAlberta scholarship help you at this/these event(s)?

More about the CXAlberta Scholarship Fund

The CXAlberta Scholarship Fund is aimed at aspiring Junior and U23 cyclocross racers. The road to a career in cycling is a difficult and demanding one; lots of people have tried, some have succeeded, and many have failed. CXAlberta believes that offering young racers a little bit of financial support to attend bigger and better races will increase your chance of success. The scholarships will allow you to focus on training, not on working a part time job or canvassing the neighbourhood trying to raise money.

Contributions to scholarship fund will come from a variety of sources, however most of the money will come from fellow racers, people who have gone down the hard road, struggled to balance all of the demands, and want to see you succeed. This year, a minimum donation of $25 will get you a sweet CXAlberta t-shirt.

Preference will be given to athletes from Alberta, but the application process is open to anyone. Athletes will be selected based on previous results, current aspirations, and the perceived quality and experience of the events applied for.

Oct 7

A Scholarship Fund

CXAlberta is creating a scholarship fund to help aspiring U23 and Junior cyclocross racers to travel to bigger races, see the sport at its best, and to realize their dreams!

We are working on ways to raise money and on an application process. Stay tuned for more info!